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Rick Y
Mar 12, 2019 9:15 PM GMT

So I bought a bunch of used Lee Oskars. Ineverowned a D harp.I cleaned one of the D harps up, made sure the reeds were clear, polished cover plates, cleaned up reed plates (all via simple Youtube methods)reinstalled everything, and tested it out. Everything worked including the 3 blow and 3 draw. The 3 draw bend however, barely works at all. I took it all apart again, repeat,etc. Still the 3 draw bend is pretty weak. My order of used Lee Oskars came with 3 other D harps that I haven't took apart yet. I tried all 3 out and it seems all 3 havethe 3 hole draw-bend problem. So two questions

1. For the D harp owners out there, is the 3 draw bend a typical challenge foreven a newD harp? It seems way too coincidental that all 4 have the same 3 draw bend problem.

2. If it is some giant coincidence and they are defective, is there anyway I can modify the Harp?

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