Filip Jers

Stockholm, SWE
32 years wise

Last On: 05/31/11

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Filip Jers

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Hering Harmonicas

Chromatic Deluxe 64

Chromatic Antique Gold 64

Velvet Voice in C

Vintage Harp

Black Blues

Hohner 29 hole Bass-harmonica

But I think I am on my way to buy a Suzuki..

I also have the Suzuki Bassharmonica microphone, its fantastic! I run it through a Art-preamp Series. It put ups the signal a lot!


I mostly use a SM58 for live sound. If blues, a classical Green Bullet is nice.

In studio I like AKG microphones.

 I like to read books by Charles Bukowski and Stephen King.



I like harmonicas tuned to A-442. Equal tuning. Then I stretch tune a bit to get a nicer sound on the top. I am very intrested in harmonica tuning. Its very hard. I dont think I have heard a harmonica thats perfectly tuned. But also, what is perfect tuned? Anyway.

Nice lines you can make here! To divided the text.

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On Jun 05, 2009
Paul Karapiperis Said:

Thanx so much for your kind words.

Greetings from Greece!

On Mar 20, 2009
André Daneau Said:

Hey Filip thank's for the comment. Your music is lot of fun !!! You play very wide range of music that's cool. By the way are you playing some of sweden traditional music ? I heard a bit about that it was very interesting.

Keep on blowing man.

André D.


On Mar 12, 2009
Bent Reed Said:

Hello Filip,

   Your harmonica playing is quite beautiful! Great tone and technique too! Thanks for the friend request. Keep in touch!

Sincerely, Bent Reed©

On Mar 12, 2009
Christelle Said:

Hi Filip, thanks for your comment, I think the same about you....I'll compete this year for the WHC in Trossingen. Cheers

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