Zack Pomerleau

Auburn, ME USA
25 years wise

Last On: 04/14/17

Zack Pomerleau

About Me

I am a fifteen year old Harmonica player. I love Jazz, Rock, and Blues. I also play Piano, Drums, and Guitar. I love Paul Butterfield, Jason Ricci, Little Walter, Miles Davis, Michael Bloomfield, etc.


Books: Anything by Kerouac, "A Clockwork Orange," "Lord of the Flies."

Music: All Blues, Most Jazz, Most Rock (old rock).

Movies: "Great Balls of Fire," Biopics, Any Scorcese.

Friends (90)

Civet Cat
Bradley Harrison
Brady Mills
Brandon Bailey
Jay Gaunt


On Aug 17, 2009
Harmonica Mitch Said:

hi, zack. :)

On Mar 07, 2009
Brady Mills Said:

Doing good here... Just working like crazy. Hope to have some free time soon to hang out here more.

On Feb 01, 2009
Randy Sandoval Said:

Nice friggin tone there Zack!

On Jan 27, 2009
Kingley Said:

The tracks on my profile we done using a Laney LC15 with a JT30 (MC151). But yeah I use a Double Trouble now. Way way better!!

On Jan 23, 2009
Kingley Said:

Some good tone on your playing on the profile track you have up there Zack!

On Jan 16, 2009
Civet Cat Said:

Damn...missed the first comment on my Maine ferret's page! you rock. Thanks for rocking H.S.!

On Jan 15, 2009
Brady Mills Said:

They're coming for you Barbara...

On Jan 14, 2009
Brady Mills Said:

"They" are coming fast... ;-) "They" sound like zombies...haha

On Jan 08, 2009
Brady Mills Said:

Whazzzz up?

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