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My name is Javier Argomedo, I'm from Chile and I play the blues!

I started playing not that young when I was already studying engineering, actually my idea was to buy a saxophone but was too expensive, so I bought a hohner blues harp in the key of C, that was around 1990, and there was when the addiction started.

First I took lessons from an elder chromatic player, he wanted me to trash that little diatonic, later he liked it. After that, thanks to the internet and specially harp-l, I got aware of the many techniques and technical aspects of the little instrument, and the addiction continued.

In 1996 while hanging around at a bar in Valparaiso I jumped on stage and started playing along a duo during the Tequila Blues nights. Later we called ourselves La Blusa and played together until 2000.

Thanks to my job I've had the chance to travel a lot, that's how I managed to get to three SPAH conventions so far, went to a Harmonica Summit, a Harmonica Masterclass with David Barret and have been to Trossingen for a couple of days during a harmonica masters workshop, lucky me!!! So I've met great people and made many friends.

Besides being a harmonica player, I'm also an Electronics Engineer specialized in software engineering and programming, so in my free time long time ago, 1997, I started writing a piece of software that would allow me to learn music tunes without the need of knowing how to read standard music notation out of MIDI files, also that would allow me to play the same tune with different harp keys (different positions) easily, so I started writing Harping MIDI.

Now it's 2011 and even though older, the addiction continues...


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