Steve Adams

Lula, GA USA
69 years wise

Last On: 05/01/09

Steve Adams

About Me

I am basically an amateur harp player, probably still at the advanced beginner stage.  I have messed with the harp and loved the harp for years, but have just recently gotten serious about trying to play.  But apparently not serious enough, because I sill go trough stages of practicing and trying for a few days, then getting distracted by other things.  I would like to get up my courage and determination enough to go to one of the seminars or at least take lessons.  I have learned from the YouTube instructional videos.  I especially like Adam Gussow's and Jason Ricci's, and Brian Purdy's beginners stuff.  I am a blues music nut in general, go to 8 or 10 festivals a year with my wife Shirley who is equally strung out on the blues, and am a Charter member of the Blues Music Association.



Other interests include amateur radio, astronomy, current events, travel, politics, history and spirituality, and of course our dogs and cats who travel everywhere with us in our motor home.

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