trieste, ITA
42 years wise

Last On: 01/05/11

Manlio Milazzi

About Me

Uhm I started playing harmonica... uhm I don't remember when exactly, back in the days I was at school anyway. So I started singin' and writing and doing a lot of stupid things. I was and I'm still in love with Tom Waits stuff, beatnik sub-culture, bikers gangs, middle-east dancers and old broken rocking chairs left alone in a forgotten dusty attic.

Uhm I guess I still have a lot to learn since I stopped studying too many years ago and I've started it all over 3 years ago in a beautiful afternoon in Portland ( OR ), talkin' and drinkin' and sharing stories with Paul de Lay who threatened me not to stop playing. I think it's the most beautiful threat I'll ever receive in my whole life.

So what? some more? go and check this:



harmonica, chrom, rock, blues, jazz, lounge, hard-rock, heavy metal the old good black sabbath way, literature, movies and cinema, women, good food, cigarettes, light drugs, hot rod and motorcycles, guns, gorillas and circus dwarves

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