Jan Karlsen

Newcastle upon- Tyne, GBR
63 years wise

Last On: 07/17/09

Jan Karlsen

About Me

well were do you start.  I have always loved the blues from the age of fifteen. But I was mainly interested in learning the guitar which I did and played right up til I was 52 then a friend of mine who had his own music shop showed me the new harmonicas he had just got in and I bought one.  I started to learn by myself by listening to records which I had from years ago but found it hard as I did not know anyone else that played harmonica.  I then started looking on the internet youtube mainly and came across Adam Gussows page and Jason Riccis I soon discoverd lots of other people who did lessons and the rest is history really. when your learning a instrument you never really stop learning but you do get better in time. I have made a lot of friends through learning the harmonica on youtube and playing at gigs.


mainly learning and playing the harmonica . listening to music blues all blues music electric harmonica piano blues..

computing .. digital photography ..

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