Will Vogtman

Cumberland, MD USA
47 years wise

Last On: 11/27/10

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I started work of a new album, DARK MATTER, for  a fall 2011 release.  I'm havinga great time. I grow with each song.


TORNADO from DARK MATTER (fall 2011)



Will Vogtman will_vogtman@yahoo.com Born 02/01/1972 Cumberland is in Western Maryland (No--Ferderick and Hagerstown are not in Western Maryland) Check out my pics before you leave. Useful crap there.

WILL VOGTMAN: A Step Out of the Blue





Music Experience Grade 2--Allegany County Boys' Choir Grade 4--Started clarinet in public school Grade 5--Started 8 years of private clarinet lessons Grade 10--Started tenor sax. Three years in United Methodist Youth Choir (Soloist on Occasion) Grade 12--Arranged Take Five for solo clarinet, piano, bass, drums. Performed as senior recital. College--9 semesters of jazz band Freshman--Started to play bass to try to get a few gigs. Sophomore--Played T Sax with Channel Cats Blues Band for a few months Junior--Started Guitar in many tunings Started building a guitar Got Married (age 20) Senior--Music takes a back seat to finish school --Wife working night shift--had to keep son quiet. Started harmonica (age 23) (needed something to play in one hand) (no, not that.) --Play 6 hours a day while holding first son for one summer. --Played in band with brother for a year. Recorded Album "Six Foot Wind" by Clay Hill Antrum. --Got a job with 1 hour, 1 way commute--> 2 hours practice per day. --Back in Chanel Cats for three years. --Recorded true solo project "A Step Out of the Blue" while working and going to grad school. --Out of Channel Cats for extended self improvement (and personality conflict) --Pro Bono Session work on Anderson Maples' "Carpenter" Album. (Brother's studio.) Played a few sports in High School. IT MAY HAVE TAKEN A WHILE TO GET HERE, BUT DIATONIC HARMONICA IS NOW MY MAIN INSTRUMENT, THERAPIST, SECOND WIFE, FISHIN' BUDDY, AND ON AND ON AND ON . . . .


Wife and kids. Music--all of it--even the noise. From Flobots to System of a Down to Run DMC to LW to Muddy Water to Rod Piazza to Charlie Musselwhite to Carlos del Junco to Jason Ricci and the October Rockers' Crew to Cannonball Adderley to Dave Brubeck to Charlie Parker and on and on . . . Mathematics, Science, Engineering. Fishing. Harmonica Mods (duh).

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On Jan 31, 2009
Zack Pomerleau Said:

Tom Waits singing?!!!

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