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I'm a computer programmer and graphic designer by day (and night -- most of the time) and a music lover all the time. I created, so if you like it, let me know. If there is something that you don't like -- let me know that too. We are constantly working to improve the site, because we want you to stay here, kick your feet up and feel like you are at home.

Oh, and shameless plug: If you need a website, CD design, poster or anything of the sort, feel free to check out my company website at: If it were not for musicians like you, my company would have never grown like it has. Someone once said, "if you never look back, you never know how far you've come." I look back every day and thank God for where I am now... and it's all thanks to support and encouragement I've received from friends, family, and all you musicians.

Thanks for visiting my profile -- and come back soon.


Dogs, Wine, Cheese, Friends, Coding, etc...

I have thoroughly enjoyed building this site. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed building it. It was a fun challenge to see how long it would take to build a rich social networking application, like HarmonicaSpace -- and I believe the best is yet to come. So, let's have fun!

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On Aug 29, 2010
Ryan Darrow Said:

I'm excited too!

On Aug 29, 2010
Brady Mills Said:

super excited about the new Harmonica Space layout.

On Nov 26, 2009
Mrs. HarpGear Said:

Hey Brady!!! Heather dosent sound familular but I'll keep my eye out for her..we see sooo many people it's hard to keep the heck have you been?!

On Sep 19, 2009
Ryan Darrow Said:

Beautiful website! I'm becoming interested in the harmonica and it's so great to have a valuable resource like this!

On Jul 08, 2009
Big Blind Ray Said:

Hi Brady!

Warmest greetings from Sydney!

Im so impressed with the work you have done for the website.It is fantastic to finally have a place to connect with other players and fans of the Harp.

Many many thanks for your stallar contribution and kindest regards,


On Jul 08, 2009
jon sparrow Said:

hey man. stoppin by to say great work on the site.

On Jun 30, 2009
Zhin Said:

Sup Brad!

Just wanted to say hi. Haven't forgotten how much your hard work has done to improve my harmonica network. I am always grateful for that.

On May 09, 2009
Brown Ale Guy Said:

Is that a new picture. Do I remember her from when Junior Wells played harp for her in Minnesota? Great web-site Brady!

On Apr 18, 2009
Christelle Said:

Hey Brady, thanks for the comment that's very sweet, I really miss our chats I very often think of you and Jason (almost every day in fact). I promise I'm not over doing it, that's really true. Sending you tenderness and tons of french coffee and french patisseries ;-)

On Apr 16, 2009
Bent Reed Said:

Hi Brady,

Thanks for the compliment on my vocals. But after listening to "The Trade", it's you my friend who has a great voice! Cute dog too! Although, you may want to look into getting contacts though. Those glasses are going to be SO out this summer! LOL

Thanks for making Harmonica Space!

Sincerely, Sheldon "Bent Reed" Ziro

On Mar 21, 2009
Zack Gaviria Said:

Brady You ROCK

On Mar 07, 2009
HarpGear Said:

Hey man!  I miss you guys!

On Mar 07, 2009
Zack Pomerleau Said:

Might just get a plane ticket to keep you company whilst Jason is away!!!

On Mar 07, 2009
Zack Pomerleau Said:

Hi Brady, old buddy, old friend, old pal. How ist thou?

On Feb 25, 2009
Christelle Said:

Hi Brady I hope everything is fine and nice across the Atlantic ocean...Just saying hi, and thinking about you and Jason.

On Feb 13, 2009
Kevin Mc Said:

Brady, really digging this site, keep up the great work. Kevin

On Feb 06, 2009
Christelle Said:

Thanks Brady you rock too...

On Feb 01, 2009
Zack Pomerleau Said:

Who is the master of all that is Harmoni-Net awesomeness? What? BRADY MILLS!

On Jan 27, 2009
Gex Samuel Said:

Thanks for the job Brady! This website is well made and it's worth and funny. I will talk about that around me and find other swiss harmonica players!

On Jan 26, 2009
Yuki Said:

Hi Brady! Thanks for remembering me and my CD! I feel a bit embarrassed because I don't think the CD is very good anymore.But anyway, I'm glad to hear you liked it! I have been playing harmonica for the last two years and I'm enjoying this great site!! Love, Yuki x

On Jan 26, 2009
Mrs. HarpGear Said:

hey Boo...I want some of that homemade bananna harmonicaspace is the shizzznit! love you guys!!!

On Jan 25, 2009
Powersolo Said:

Excellent. I'm glad you noticed my misspelling of "meka".... You've done a wonderful job my friend.

On Jan 25, 2009
Brown Ale Guy Said:

Nice initiative Brady. Might have to quit my day job just to sit on Harmonica Space all day (when not practicing in the woodshed)

On Jan 25, 2009
Inactive User Said:

Brady you rock!

On Jan 24, 2009
Antoine Hamel Said:

This site Rocks thanks !!

On Jan 23, 2009
christophe aubin Said:

Bonjour from good old France Brady. Great initiative. I hope this expands to your hopes. Christophe

On Jan 23, 2009
BlueMoose Said:

Hey Brady: Music works in FireFox now!!! Yahoooo! (Thought for a minute I might have to actually use IE. Gack!!!!! ) moose (brian S.)

On Jan 22, 2009

This is a great idea and well done! cheers from Brian.

On Jan 20, 2009
Elizabeth Schulz Said:

OH! I LOVE this combination of your singing/piano playing and Christelle's incredibly cool! At first I thought it was Jason (I swear)..since the harp began the way he sounded on 'Going to California' - the Led Zep song he did with Heidi and the ElCats I love so much, but of course I recognized Christelle's playing after a couple of bars. I LOVE your voice. We need you to sing at SPAH :) Eliz.

On Jan 19, 2009
Brutus Maximus Said:

Well done, Brady. Still a few UI things you'll want to tweak, but it seems like the soft launch is scaling up well.

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