Milos Peric

Belgrade, YUG
31 years wise

Last On: 11/18/09

Milos Peric

About Me

I started playing blues harmonica in 2005 right after VOXstock Festival and kept playing it since.
Gonna be a elementary school teacher some day. In the meantime I'm a little bit into drawing as well. After I finish teacher studies I plan to dedicate myself entirely to harmonica.
I look up to Jovan Ilic from band Raw Hide and am a huge fan. Now I concentrate mainty on the diatonic harmonica, but have my interest in chromatic too.


All kinds of music instruments - just love 'em. If nothing else I just like to see a nice instrument. I like blues, early jazz (I don't really like modern jazz that much...), swing, calypso, rock.
Beside music I enjoy drawing from time to time. Actually, there's not much beside music because music just covers it all - go out with friends (there's music), stay at home and read, cook, relax or rehearse (there's music again), go to faculty or out to do some business-like stuff (there's music on mp3, or just singing in your head), watch a good movie (there's music in the background, or else it isn't really a good movie at all). Especially since there's not one activity or mood that does not have a song to go with it. :)

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