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Kingston- Springs, TN USA
66 years wise

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World-renowned instrumentalist PT Gazell has been playing the diatonic harmonica for over 30 years. His specialty is the half-valved diatonic harmonica on which he has created a distinct and inimitable one-of-a-kind style. PT Gazell has performed with countless major artists over his career, including Johnny Paycheck, Mel McDaniel, Ricky Skaggs and Jerry Douglas. His unique and compelling style can be heard on scores of recordings in a variety of genres.

Born in Wisconsin, and now based in Nashville, Tennessee, PT is equally at home with a range of musical styles including, Jazz, Bluegrass, Country and Pop. PT was the first harmonica player, and the second artist, to be honored with a recording contract with famed Sugar Hill records. This association produced his first CD P.T. Gazell “Pace Yourself,” still considered the benchmark for diatonic Bluegrass Harmonica.

PT has appeared on national television in the United States & China on dozens of occasions, including shows such as “More Than Jazz” “Austin City Limits” “Nashville Now” & “Soundstage.” PT has recently completed a groundbreaking recording of Swing music with UK based Chromatic Harmonica wizard, Brendan Power entitled, “Back to Back.”

From Jazz to Bluegrass, PT Gazell covers the musical waterfront as a bandleader, a recording artist and soloist. The one common denominator is the pure musical joy that emanates with each carefully considered note he plays.

PT GAZELL & THE SIDE EFFECTS: Swingin' Easy...Hittin' Hard
P.T. GAZELL: Pace Yourself



Hey Folks,

Join Harmonica Artists PT Gazell & Jelly Roll Johnson on Monday September 21st at 7:00pm at 3rd & Lindsley, as they show why they are considered two of the best in the business.

Don't miss this rare Nashville appearance as PT & Jelly Roll showcase material from their critically acclaimed 2008 releases:

"Back To Back" & "Songs From The Record World"

Session Pros: Andy Reiss, Pat Bergeson, Danny O’Lannerghty & Chris Brown will be lending their considerable talents as

“The Side Effects”

Monday September 21st 7:00pm
3rd & Lindsley

90 minutes of “Harmonica Madness”

Hope to see you there and thanks for your support.


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On Jun 05, 2009
Bruce Wharton Said:

Howdy PT how is everything going man?  I am sitting here listening to your music.  Great stuff.  I would like to discuss with you a bit about the half valved harps sometime.  This is just great music that is over the top!!!  Very contagious.  Are you blowing through a Favorit.  I had the chance to play a Favorit Black and it was very responsive and bright.  Or is that an 1847 with Session plates?  I really like the Seydels.

Take care, be kind and keep your lips to the metal,


On Jun 03, 2009
BB Hayes Said:

Thank you PT!

How is TN doing? I spent five years in Clarksville, TN before moving to TX.  I even graduated from Austin Peay State University.... :-) The world is such a small place.......... :-)

Have a beautiful afternoon!

On Mar 15, 2009
M Novak Said:

PT. You've got the work shop gig down pat. Yours was my best to date.

On Mar 11, 2009
Filip Jers Said:

Hello friend! Great music clips. Thanks for the comment on the myspacesite! i have some new tunes here on this profile, played on diatonic harmonica.

sir yes sir



On Jan 19, 2009
Doc Malone Said:

I just downloaded "Back to Back" from Amazon last night...Fantastic!!! Much to learn and study from this one...Bravo!!! Hope to meet you for the Indiana workshop in March.

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