Mark Harper

Oregon City, OR USA
58 years wise

Last On: 02/23/10

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Mark Harper

About Me

I am having a heck of a time teaching my Chihuahua to blow harp....he only wants to lick it...I told him to blow the back off it and the little farmer just tried lifting his leg on the corner of my amp...
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My Harp Inventory (under construction):

TurboHarp Custom BX Low D tuned (my lips love these covers)
Numerous Special 20 Hohners in A
Various Hohner Marine Band and MS Blues Harps (NOT my favorites)
Special 20 in E, Eb, and F (plan to add Seydel 1847 in Eb ASAP)
Hohner Golden Melody in G, C, D, and E...
Suzuki Promaster Valved in F#
Suzuki Harpmaster Db
Hohner Meisterklasse in C
Special 20 in B, and Bb
Lee Oskar in Bb and Dm green dot
Hohner Big River in C and D and various Hot Metal (cheap stuff)
Huang Jazz tuned F harp
Bushman Delta Frost in HIGH G
Koch 10 hole Chromatic (still plays nice)
Various Old Echo Harps I am planning to restore
Hohner Model 365 14 hole
Hohner 64 Chrominica (needs work on tuning and sticky slide)
Seydel Blues Session in Ab
Seydel 1847 Silver's in G, A, and Bb

I am constantly adding to my collection of Harmonicas and my plans for future purchases will be primarily SEYDEL 1847's with Stainless Reeds. I have numerous blown harps now that I have been playing the crap out of them by playing so many long hard hours on some of them. I am planning to practice customizing skills on all my spare harps so I naturally think guys like Rupert Oysler, Dave Payne, Brad Harrison, Randy Sandoval, Joe Spiers and all the rest of the Harp Repair gurus are the coolest guys since that guy that invented sliced bread.

My Family Musical Legacy:

My (Deceased) Father holds the Ripley's (Guiness) World Record for the most scaled notes played in one breath in one minute on the TUBA (Sousaphone). Prior to my dad's record, the brass record was 176 notes in one minute on the Coronet (Trumpet). My Dad blew 240 notes in 58 seconds with multiple close-up witnesses confirming via notary public that NO circular breathing was used to "cheat". Later during WWII he was in an Admiral's Band on a US Naval Cruiser in the South Pacific Ocean when 2 fellow Sailors challenged him to prove he could repeat the feat. He unofficially beat his own record by blowing 340 notes in 75 or 80 seconds in ONE BREATH!!! When I told Curtis Salgado about my dad's record he tapped me on the shoulder and said: "It sounds like you were made to blow harp"; Then he signed my cover of a copy of his latest CD with the quote: "Blow the Back Off It!"


Guitar, Blues Harp, Harmonica, mouth organ, hand reed, Mississippi saxophone, pocket sax, toe pickle, tin sandwich, ten-holed tin-can tongue twister, and French Harp. I collect Harmonicas, Hats, and Microphones...I love Seydel...This site ROCKS!!!

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