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Malmoe, SWE
71 years wise

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Dick Sjoeberg

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Born in Sweden, lives in Malmoe City in the southern part of Sweden. I'm a B.Sc in Marine Engineering and has spent almost half part of my life in the merchant marine as an crew member and for several years as Chief Engineer. I been employed as Technical Manager at a French company in Sweden after finishing my career at sea. I begun play harmonica at the age of 14 and became hocked on Harmonica Blues in 1968 after hearing Big Walter Horton playing "Trouble In Mind" on the radio, and I'm still loves Harmonica Blues. I'm an accredited Harmonica Teacher by Harmonica Teachers Accreditation Board in UK, and has teaching students for almost 15 years. I play mostly Classic Chicago Blues and has played in my own blues band Quuen Josephine & the Blues Trail for more than 10 years. As a technician, harmonica customizing has always been important and a great interest to me. For several years back, I got the opurtunity to realize my personal ideas of how to improve a harmonica to an higher level regarding timbre, volume and playability. I the maker of Sjoeberg Custom Combs, Sjoeberg Custom Harmonicas and of the Pro-Tuner, Harmonica Tuning Fixture wich is based on the same principles used at Harmonica Factories around the world.

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On Jun 05, 2009
Paul Karapiperis Said:

Thanx so much for your kind words.

Greetings from Greece!

On May 20, 2009
TC Slim Said:

Hey Dick


thanks for all your tips and advice. Have reached a new level and understanding thanks to your generous informed help.

Hope to have some of your combs soon!


Tom C

On Mar 29, 2009
lindsey mercer Said:

sound great Dick !!!

On Mar 16, 2009

Great to talk with you Dick. You have a great understanding of harps and gear across the board. Was a pleasure to talk to someone who understands a wide range of views. Will keep in touch. looked at the combes on your site, a work or art. Hope to talk again sometime. Cheers from Brian.

On Mar 11, 2009
Bent Reed Said:

Hi Dick,

   Thanks for the add. Very nice high end first position solo on your "Trust My Baby". Also looked at your webiste and your custom combs are gorgeous looking! What makes them so much better than a regular comb, other than the beautiful looks and quality craftsmanship? Drop me a line sometime!

Sincerely, Bent Reed©

On Feb 05, 2009
Elk River Said:

Hey Dick, from listening to your profile music, I see you must be a Sonny Boy Williamson II fan! He's my favorite.

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