Kidd Cincinnati

Lansing, MI USA
66 years wise

Last On: 05/14/12

Kidd Cincinnati

About Me

Long version BIO:

Born, the son of a carpenter and an elementary school teacher, Roger was raised and lived more than half of his life in the "Queen City" Cincinnati, Ohio. He remembers listening to an eclectic mix of music being played around the family home. From Elvis, Little Richard and Chuck Berry to Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, B.B. King, The Beatles, James Brown and Jimi Hendrix, he was immersed in a rich musical environment. This wide exposure led to a taste for more of the same throughout his life.

His parents originally offered to buy him a guitar after earlier denying his request to play drums during Junior High School, but fate stepped in around 1970 when a high school friend and the local track star, Otis, shared with Roger the fundamentals of harmonica and the world of the Blues. He began his musical journey as a "roadie" of sorts and then went on to join suburban valley bands of the day such as Beouwulf, Sinbad & Fat Chance. With them, he sang and played harmonica throughout the northern Cincinnati valley for several years.

Now fast forward to a new millennium, middle of the first decade and a return to the basics for many folks, including Roger. Similar to his parent’s time, job losses, foreclosures, corporate bankruptcy, a grown family and an empty nest, grand children and a weak economy have become the breeding ground for a new expression of his music. The creative bug has bitten again and Roger likes that feeling a whole lot. As many reevaluate and reinvent themselves, Roger includes himself in that mix. That young man who left its streets long ago has returned in a sense, to that Ohio city, now proudly calling himself, Kidd Cincinnati.

Courtesy of C. Wilmore, December 2010


Short version BIO:

Cincinnati born and raised, Roger listened to an eclectic music mix around the family home. Listening to him perform, it's clear he was truly immersed in a wide range of artists and styles.

He was offered a guitar during Junior High, but fate stepped in when a friend shared the harmonica with Roger around 1970. The Blues had come into the young man’s life and joining bands like Beouwulf, Sinbad & Fat Chance, he played and sang throughout northern Cincinnati for several years.

After working in the corporate world as an adult in the 2000’s, the creative bug bit again and Roger reinvented himself as Kidd Cincinnati. The young man who left those streets long ago had, in a way, returned to that city of his youth.

Courtesy of C. Wilmore, December 2010



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