Jay Sinister

Turku, FIN
33 years wise

Last On: 10/20/10

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Jantso Jokelin

About Me

A devoted player of the diatonic harmonica. Though very passionate about blues and jazz, I'm constantly exploring world music: Anatolian, Balkan, klezmer, Arabian, tango and Finnish folk music to name a few.

Currently playing, having fun, sitting in jams and doing gigs with various musicians in the Finnish blues/jazz/folk scene. Some call me Jay Sinister, some others Triple-J. My mom calls me Jantso.

With my dear friend Touko Hujanen we form Ataturk Band, a powerful streetplaying duo that combines the best elements of Eastern and Western music, mainly blues/funk and Anatolian/klezmer music. With this innovative mixture we won the National Championship of Multicultural Streetplaying in Karjaa, Finland (july 2007).

Check out our MySpace. Two Players, one mind.



Influences: All troubadours, poets, vagabonds, dreamers and streetplayers worldwide. Sounds Like: Anatolian hellhound chariots, broken glass and fireworks. Delta klezmer, hysterical blues. Also a painter, a lover, a warrior and a trickster, thanks to my best online mentor, Adam Gussow (and Carl G. Jung).

Country: Finland.

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