Elizabeth Schulz

Medford, NY USA
10 years wise

Last On: 01/09/10

Elizabeth Schulz

About Me

I live on Long Island, NY. Have 7 indoor cats and one dog. I also take care of 3 feral cats who've lived on my property for 3 years or so. I lost 7 of my 14 cats and my first dog over a 2 year period to the tainted food (with melamine) from China..a devastating experience. I prefer not to talk about it, but am a strong advocate for animals and animal rights and woe to anyone who even thinks of harming a helpless animal in my presence. Fair warning.

I play chromatic harmonicas and am hoping to get better at Jazz...am being 'kind of' mentored by SmoJoe (Smokey) Joe Leone. The fact that he lives in Florida makes it a wee bit difficult, but we confer via email and he's backed me up twice for Open mics the twice I managed to get up my courage to play for an audience. I tend to gravitate towards emotional music..ballads, R&B, classic rock.

Since getting an ipod I've downloaded my own CD's (a lot of instrumental music) and use those as 'backing tracks' to play over.

I play by ear even though I have had piano lessons and some music theory. I simply don't relate it to the harmonica. I play the 'voice' in my head. It's the only way I can explain it.

I'm a huge fan of Jason Ricci..not only his playing, but who he is as a human being, and how it comes through in his music.

Coming back to playing; going to SPAH and the other conventions(Buckeye, GSHC), have added so much and so many friends to my life.


music, reading, poetry, knitting, painting glass ornaments I give as gifts. My cats and my dog. The Southwest...Arizona, the Native American tribes: their art and jewelry. Spending time in Sedona.

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