Patrice Rayon

Antony, FRA
50 years wise

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Patrice Rayon

About Me

My name is Patrice Rayon, I am French, fascinated by the harmonica under all its forms and I have an envy terrible to share my passion and with the biggest possible respect for the community :-), whatever informations such as : nationality, religion, age, genre, color, rich or poor, and so on ...

Human beings happy to be friend of the harmonica

I also have a small personal account on Mupiz ...and a website about world of harmonica

Here is the Google Agenda I created and manage in France with more and more artists adding their own dates. The equivalent exists for UK (thanks to my help) but still need artists to accept to insert their own date ! (Free, and can be serious only if the artists and organizers insert their own dates)

I plan to propose a form on my website, to help any artist and organizer over the world to enter their own concert/festival/workshop/meeting/Radio etc... That would generate a map: Then when you clic over the country you see the agenda as I did for french speaking areas... This is to propose an alternative to the USA Gig List which is now sleeping for more than one year, and never covered enough of the planet...

My technical level and my culture seem to me still very poor concerning the instrument and the music but I have an opened character :-)


Nature, walking long distances, photo, mandolin, cooking, humour, my bed :)), astronomy and things close to the sky (so even people because I am a short guy), music (all kind, because its important to me, but I prefer acoustic...),history (if I could have more time) because the past is the past but is important to understand the world etc..., my small car (4 wheels an engine and the rest never mind) because it get me to nice harmonica places and people ;), Internet because when the petrol is expensive the people is behind the glass of my screen ;) up to the day I met them...And so many commas that I let you take a Breath for today (even if harmonica player have a good breath ;))...

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