Charlotte, NC USA
109 years wise

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Todd Parrott

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I've been playing harmonica for 19 years, and use mainly Hohner Golden Melodies, though I've played just about every harp there is. I also have a few custom harps, one of which was built by Joe Spiers. Recently, I've also been really impressed with the Suzuki Hammond harps, as well as some of the Seydel harps. You can also find me on YouTube.


Harmonica, Piano, Organ, Recording, Outdoors, Travel, The Bible, David & The Giants

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On Aug 11, 2009
Gouwzilla Said:

todd my main man! too bad you're probably a tarheel, haha

On May 05, 2009
Jimharpo Said:

Todd you are up there with the best my friend

On Apr 03, 2009
Todd Greene Said:

Thanks for the compliments, and I gotta say your playing is awesome!  Keep it up, and if you ever find yourself down around New Orleans, let me know.-Todd

On Mar 18, 2009
Edward Said:

I like your sound Todd. You can play some fine harp!!


On Mar 17, 2009
Steve Baker Said:

The tuning sounds great Todd!


On Mar 15, 2009
Madcat Said:

It has come to my attention that Todd is one mighty fine harp player!


On Jan 31, 2009
Bent Reed Said:

Hi Todd, So, I've been checking out your videos and have come to realize that you're quite advacned in the field of "Harmonica"! I find it very interesting that you tune your harmonica's 7 hole down to that note you can get from overbending the 6 blow! I also find it very interesting that you find the actual note there "useless" in blues or in your playing style. From listening to you play, I can see where you're coming from! So do you customize your own harps? I also saw that you got one from Joe Spiers and how much you like it! I'd sure like to learn more about it from someone who knows! Anyway, you're a great player Todd. I Hope we can meet one day. Take care and thanks so much for the add. Sincerely, Sheldon "Bent Reed" Ziro

On Jan 29, 2009
Junior Wright Said:

Hi Todd, I love your playing. Great tone. Great use of your hand effects on the video. Lots of subtleties in your playing. What can you tell me about how you learned to play so well? Any advise? Thanks, Junior

On Jan 25, 2009
Joe Said:

Hey smiley welcome to the party!

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