Santiago, CHL
31 years wise

Last On: 04/25/10

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Rafa Carranza

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Hi, I'm from Chile and have been playing for a couple of years now, mostly improvising with friends and playing cover versions of other artists, I haven't played on stage yet, but that's something I'd like to do soon, as well as convincing my guitar playing friends to start playing some blues!


Well, playing the harp, guitar, piano, or any instrument I get my hands on, I give it a try even if I suck at it.

But for now I'm focused on improving on the harp, it's amazing how such a small instrument can be so soulful, so full of history, and have an amazing range of techniques and ways of playing, so everyday there's something to learn, thanks to the harp player that taught me the basics, Gonzalo Araya (www.harmonica.cl) and all of the amazing players on YouTube uploading videos every day so we can learn from them to finally reach our own style, everything I'd like to know about harp playing, I just look it on YT and they have it covered!

I also study economics, so you could say that's an interest too, mainly learning about the new paradigms and alternative theories, don't know what I'll do once I graduate, but hopefully won't help worsen today's economy, haha.

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