Pat P

Madison, AL USA
61 years wise

Last On: 08/31/12

Pat Patterson

About Me

Hey, whats up? I'm just blowin' the blues! (or drawin', just depends). Anyway, I've been playin' since the late '70's, currently playing with "Black Cat Moan" in Huntsville, Alabama (for about the last 4 years). You can check out some of our demo stuff (mostly covers) at also check out our upcoming gigs. We do a variety of blues, classic rock, and a few originals. If you get an opportunity, stop in and say hello. Bring your harps!

Suzuki Promaster, Seydel 1847 harps
Meteor Amplifier
Sivertone 1481 Amplifier
Fender '59 Bassman RI Amplifier (with Kinder mod)
Fender '75 Vibro Champ Amplifier
Dan Electro "Dan Echo" delay
Astatic JT30 Crystal Ball Microphone
Custom wood Microphone by Greg at "Blows me Away". Shure CM.
Cadillac Pete harp tray
Shure SM57 vocal microphone
Audio Technica wireless


Bass Fishin', Motorcycles, Model Trains, Saltwater Aquariums.  No shortage of hobbies!

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