Boris Plotnikov

Ekaterinburg, RUS
35 years wise

Last On: 07/25/12

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Boris Plotnikov

About Me

I was born in 1984, July 29, Ekaterinburg, Russia. I start to play harmonica at age of 16. I play both diatonic and chromatic, but prefer diatonic. I customize harmonicas for myself, and use overblow technique and chromatic possibilities of diatonic harmonica. Sometimes I use a lot of stompboxes to allow harp to sound like a guitar or organ or any strange sound

I play with Vitaly Vladimirov jazz big band and his quintet Life-X, jazz-rap band Vinnebago. I'm the ex-member of art-hop band Etalobster.

I give personal harmonica lessons both offline and online by skype boris.plotnikov

My rig:

Harmonicas: i'm seydel endorser. I play Seydel 1847 exclusively and Seydel Saxony. More info at

Mics: Shure SM57 (for dirty amped playing, blues, rock gigs, usually stright to amp), Audix Fireball V (for clean and soft overdrived playing) , Sennheiser e835 (acousting playing, amp micking).

AKG Transformer (SO40+SR40) Wireless, Audix T50k impedance transformer

Stomps: Boss HR2 pitch shifter (for octaves), MXR Carbon Copy, Electroharmonix Small Stone phase shifter,  2 (two) Lonewolf Harpattacks, mxr 6 band eq, ibanez pm7 phase shifter, ibanez de7 delay (have to replace with something better), yerasov pterodriver PD5 tube preamp if I have to play without amp, boss ls-2 line selector (to split to 2 amps).

Amps: yerasov gta15r (tube amp, replication of Fender pro JR) with Jensen c10q speaker and EHX tubes, sh*t solid state practice bass amp kustom kba10x (not so bad!), sh*t solid state 30w chinese amp Maniac 30, pretty sweet Danelectro Honeytone.


Free harmonica solo at webcam


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Harmonicas and all related: amps, stomp boxes. customizing, mics

Music at all: odd timing, 5/4, bossa, latin, be-bop, swing, groove-jazz, free-jazz, contemprory jazz, reggae, trip-hop, hip-hop

Harmonica players: Howard Levy, Jason Ricci, Chris Michalek, Sebatien Charlier, Bartosz Leczycki, Richard Hunter, Toots Thielemans, Trio Globo, Steve Baker, Stevie Wonder, John Popper, PT Gazell, Lee Oskar, Blues Traveler, Hazmat Modine, Larry adler, any other player that goes away from traditional blues playing: jazz harmonica players, funk harmonica player, rock harmonica players. Some blues players like Dennis Gruenling are tasty for me too, but I'm generally not a fan of traditional Walters-like bluesharp

Other musician: john coltrane, chet baker, miles davis, tom waits, portishead, morphine, king crimson, kruzenshtern & parohod, jaco pastorius, django reinhardt, bob berg, randy brecker, michel camillo, arturo sandaval, 2pac.

Science: myxomycetes (slime moulds), global ecology, global demography, childfree

Friends (69)

Civet Cat
Bart Leczycki
Bradley Harrison
Steve Baker
PT Gazell


On Jul 13, 2009
German Tebiev Said:

Замечательно играете, Борис!:)Golden Melody

On Mar 30, 2009
Filip Jers Said:

Hello and thanks for the add! nice playing!


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