Laguna Hills, CA USA
27 years wise

Last On: 03/20/12

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Patrick Barker

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Patrick has been playing piano for 11 years and harmonica for a bit more than a year. He seems to be randomly gifted at harmonica as he's surpassed his skill on his other instruments on it in less than two years he thinks... though his piano is pretty darned good if he does say so himself. He also tries to play trumpet, on which his talent seems limited by his inability to play screaming high notes (his lips aren't as buff as he'd like them to be). He also composes music, usually following the 12 bar or some variation. He likes blues, funk, rock, and jazz. He also types the "About Me" section of his profile in third person.

(a cool looking harmonica)


playing music, listening to music, science, poddy humor, things that fly, how stuff works, cheese etc.

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