Sam Minnich

Hamm, DEU
42 years wise

Last On: 11/28/11

Sam Minnich

About Me

I'm a professional musician. I studied classical music, Horn as my main instrument. I've done a lot of orchestral and brass quintet playing, and have had lots of great experiences doing so.

My life has been way more than just classical music. My mom tought me guitar at age 6, I learned horn at age 10, Trumpet at 11, Harmonica at 15. In High School, I played in wind band, jazz band, and as lead singer/guitarist in a hardcore punk band called Krisis.

I love to listen to and play just about any style of music. I'm currently putting the finishing touches on my first album, a Hip-Hop album in which I rap, sing, play and program many different instruments, and mix and master it.

I live in Germany with my wife, moved from the US in 2005. Teaching music pays my bills, Playing music sooths my soul.


Music, Fingerboarding, Backpacking, Gardening, Climbing

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