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abner galdos

About Me

bumer i spent  some good quality time writing about myself and my interest and its all gone.... its hard to recreate such grand lies about oneself... I will try and hopefully i will know what im doing... a little while ago i deleted my mail box by simple stupidity and never got a chance to read it.......


Im 48 year old male, married with two kids. my kids are in their 20's.

I grow up in the praject of the inner city of New York, yep Manhattan. A poor white skin blue eyed Puerto Rican or as we like to call ourselves Nuyoricans..I had to grow up hard and fast. The Nuyorican girls loved me and the guys hated me.  30 od years later im here in Sunny South East Florida.  Working at a great Union job and enjoying my journey of the harp.


I love spanish music, salsa, merengue, old style.

I love spanish women. spanish, food, dancing. I can dance.

Some how I fell in love with the harp, the sound she makes, 

I enjoy working out, taking long walks by the beach and listening to the live bands on the board walk.

I enjoy the zoo and art and historical museum.

I do love music, all kinds of music. 

I love to give things a try.


I feel like im looking for a date.

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Civet Cat
Brady Mills
BlowsMeAwy Greg
Elizabeth Schulz
Zack Pomerleau


On Mar 17, 2009
Civet Cat Said:

Hey Blue all you need are some tunes here.



On Mar 10, 2009
Brady Mills Said:

Cool profile. Sorry you lost everything in you about me section... hope it wasn't my fault somehow. Thanks for sharing.

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