Tim Birdman

Clovelly, GBR
60 years wise

Last On: 09/03/10

Tim smith

About Me

I live in clovelly north devon ,I have two ex wifes,One girlfriend, Two children, And one grandson. I teach falconry, and do displays,with my hawks,i also enjoy doing my art work and even have been known to sell a few pics load of laughs, i enjoy playing harp at local jam sessions,i have been playing for around 5 years now, the 1st couple of years struggling to get those single notes and bends. but i guess my playing improved, well loads when i found adams and jasons lessons, thank you so much guys, please keep them coming


Red wine, cheese, the great outdoors, ie Hawking,fishing ,shooting,trail walking,art, music of course,all kinds but the blues favorite, playing harp with the guys,

Favorite Harp players,

J ricci
p butterfeild,
A gussow
Alan wilson
little walter
Indiana Phoenix
Big walter

The Blues is without a doubt my favorite kind of music , and Born in chicargo being my favorite song, My favorite album Hooker and Heat with the great late Alan wilson on harp wow what more can i say. Better mention Sea sick steve find his music amazing how he can make a guitar sound like that with only three strings awsome stuff, but i like all genres of music , I love the willie nelson and waylon jennings country sound , defo not jim reeves kind of country,

Friends (182)

Bob Harrison
Krister Olofsson
Jay Gaunt
Warren Bee
Mad Dog Friedman


On Mar 19, 2009
christophe aubin Said:

Hi there Tim,

Merci beaucoup for the friend request.

Well, being an old spoiled french bluesharp addict myself, I can do nothing but accept such an invite from a man who has 2 ex's, loves harp, red wine, and cheese. I guess wer'e born under the same twinkling stars !

Keep on harping


On Mar 18, 2009

I have 2 x wives and 2 children as well. I also play harp and like the tune Born in Chicago. I still play the tune in an acoustic set and with cover bands. I was born in Rochford Essex, now thats a lot in common.

cheers from Brian.

On Feb 10, 2009
Bent Reed Said:

Hi Tim, Thanks so much for the friend request here on HS! I see you've added a lot of music to your site, by many other artists. I see that one of them is my version of "Born in Chicago"! Thanks a lot, that's a real compliment. I've been playing for only a couple of years longer than yourself and it's been a great musical journey! Keep on practicing brother! The harmonica is a magical instrument! Sincerely, Bent Reed

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