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Detroit, MI USA
74 years wise

Last On: 01/23/09

Harmonica Shah

About Me

Many people will tell you that "there is no such thing as Detroit Blues". SHAH PROVES OTHERWISE! What is Detroit blues? Detroit blues is similar in form to traditional Chicago blues, only rawer, less separated from its Southern roots (SEE ALSO EXTRA GREASY). A comtemporary Blues band with one foot deep in blues history and the other into the future of the art form. The band has combined experience in eccess of 150 years, have done and played it all, and NEVER tire of the genre. A truly exciting show from beginning to end that features Harmonica Shah. Seward 'Harmonica' Shah was born in Oakland, CA and grew up in Lee County Texas, where he was inspired by the guitar of his grandfather Sam Dawson, who had recorded for Alan Lomax and Duke records. Shah moved to Detroit in 1967, and the deep Texas swamp country blues he heard growing up fit perfectly with the hard Detroit blues that he learned through years of constant playing with many of the classic bluesmen of Detroit. In the 1970s Shah played with Bobo Jenkins, Eddie Kirkland, Eddie Burns, Willie D. Warren, Uncle Jesse White, and others who were part of the 'house rent party' scene presided over by John Lee Hooker up, down, and around Hastings Street in the 1950s. The blues had to be tough to reach ears accustomed to the drop forge and white-hot steel of the auto industry; "I don't want to play 'nice' music. Whoever likes it, that's ok, but its not what I want to hear," relates Harmonica Shah. It's Excello-drenched Texas swamp blues meets the hard blues of Hooker's 1950s Detroit that Shah wants to hear. Shah has performed at clubs and festivals around the U.S., and toured in Europe, Russia, Japan and Australia. His latest CD Listen At Me Good (Electro-Fi) features eight-time W.C. Handy Award winning drummer Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith guests on 6 songs. Blues guitar master Mel Brown appears on 4 tunes; songs include 'Dirty and Greasy Work', 'Bullets Dont Care', 'Lonesome Graveyard Blues' and 'I Wish A Thief Would Steal All My Burdens and Pain.' Here's what the top blues publications are saying about Listen At Me Good:

"Harmonica Shah's got it... harp wizardry... hard to resist..." - LIVING BLUES

"...Listen At Me Good stands out among contemporary Blues releases for it's spirit and vintage stylings as well as it's originality and insight". - BLUES REVUE

"This may be the most important blues of the year, maybe even the decade" - BIG CITY RHYTHM & BLUES



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