Pine Hill, NJ USA
62 years wise

Last On: 09/15/09

Arthur Seifert

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It all started in the early 1960’s when Art would sneak into his sister’s room and listen to her records. Recordings by John Mayall, Muddy Waters, Taj Mahal, Howlin’ Wolf, Paul Butterfield, and countless others led him on a lifelong path of blues and blues based rock, an encounter that would forever mark his musical path. The Beatles emerged on the scene and every kid in America was playing an instrument. For Art it was drums, followed by the bass and guitar. Art played in bands from childhood to the present always relying on his roots in the blues to guide his style and choice of material. Watching the great entertainers throughout his life, Art developed a style of “visual” musicianship that is evident in his live performances. He always makes it his own, and leaves it all on the stage. Playing now for over 40 years, Art re-emerges on the local music scene as “Pinewolf” playing blues harmonica and singing with passion and raw energy fired by experiences, encounters, and those unexplained “coincidences” that make up life. Pinewolf, a music man, a family man, a complex man, a deeply spiritual man, a BLUES man.



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