Tuck Majeran

Apollo, PA USA
70 years wise

Last On: 08/29/11

Tuck Majeran

About Me

I've been playing harp about 16 years. Mostly blues with some rock thrown in. For about 3 years, I played in a rock/jam band with guys less than half my age. It was a fun experience and I learned a lot. I now play in an open stage host band.Nothing too serious,just having fun!


Harp! Harp! Harp! Also into electronics,lapidary,traveling and all good music. Mainly the 5 B's- Beethoven,Beatles,Blues,Bebop and Bluegrass-generally speaking.

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On Jan 25, 2009
Oldwailer Said:

Hi Tuckster! You young whippersnappers are all alike--younger than me!

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