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 I'm a professional musician, ( , my band is Jason Ricci and New Blood and we are on the Eclecto Groove ( ) label a subsidiary of Delta Groove and we are booked by Intrepid Artists and thankfully were on the road all the time playing clubs, festival and theaters all over the U.S.A., Canada (Maybe Not anymore) and Europe. I love talking about harmonica, teaching, learning and Youtube videos.

JASON RICCI & NEW BLOOD: Blood on the Road


JASON RICCI & NEW BLOOD: Blood on the Road

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Jason Ricci & New Blood can be found on the web at and booked for live shows by the world renouned and respected booking agency Intrepid Artists Their record label: Eclecto Groove can be found on the net at


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Other than harmonica my main interests are skateboarding and classical violin music. I love television a lot, especially shows like "When Animals Attack", "Gand Land", "Monster Quest", "Flipping Out", "CSI Miami", "Most Evil" and "How I Survived". Brady and I like Movies a bunch too...Especially really scary ones. We have OnDemand cable and watch at least one new movie every night when I'm not on the road.

I haven't been reading much the last few years but the last books I read were "Collected Poems" by Allen Ginsberg, "What Matters most is how you walk through the fire" by Charles Bukowski and "Monster" by Frank Peretti.

My top ten favorite movies are:
1.) Repo Man
2.) Contact
3.) Speaking in strings
4.) American Psycho
5.) Pocket Full of Soul
6.) My own private Idaho
7.) Wild at heart
8.) Blue Velvet
9.) The Wizard of Oz
10.) Hedwig and the Angry Inch

My Favorite harmonica players are:
1.) Pat Ramsey
2.) Little Walter
3.) Paul Butterfield
4.) James Cotton
5.) Adam Gussow
6.) Howard Levy
7.) Paul Delay
8.) Paul Linden
9.) Geoge Smith
10.) Chris Michalek
11.) Dennis Gruenling

My favorite Violin Concertos:

1.) Sibelius
2.) Prokofiev
3.) Bach
4.) Brahms
5..) Bruch
6.) Tchaikovsky
7.) Paganini
8.) Shostokovich
9.) Beethoven
10.) Red Violin Concerto

Favorite Violinists

1.) Jascha Heifetz
2.) David Fyodorovich Oistrakh
3.) Nadja Salerno Sonnenberg
4.) Itztach Perlman
5.) Frank Peter Zimmerman
6.) Salvador Accardo
7.) Yehudi Menuhin

Favorite Skatebosrders are:

1.) Tony Trujillo
2.) Peter Hewitt
3.) Jason Jesse
4.) Mark Gonzales
5.) Chris Haslam
6.) Gershon Moseley
7.) Pat Duffey
8.) Jason Adams
9.) Dan Drehobl
10.) Neil Blender

Tony Trujillo

Random Thoughts/lists of importance to me you might not know...

23 Underated musicians in my book. Living and Dead. (No Order)

1.) Curtis Salgado

2.) Paul Delay

3.) Pat Ramsey

4.) Chris Michalek

5.) Sun Ra

6.) Roland Kirk

7.) Satan and Adam

8.) Paul Linden

9.) Otis Rush

10.) Shawn Starski

11.) Todd edmunds

12.) Jason Rosner

13.) Shawn Kellerman

14.) Damon Fowler

15.) Gina Fox

16.) Dennis Gruenling

17.) Ronnie Earl

18.) Alan Wilson

19.) Aurthor Blythe

20.) Lou Ann Barton

21.) Deguello

22.) Charlie Jacobs(Charlie love)

23.) Big Maybelle

24.) Sean Costello

Favorite color: Arabic Purple

7 Favorite harmonica solos

1. Paul Delay: "Silly Smile"

2.) Howard Levy: "Seresta"

3.) Little Walter with Muddy Waters: 40 days and 40 nights.

4.) Paul Butterfield: "drifting and drifting" (from the double live album)

5.) Pat Ramsey: "Lone Me a Dime"

6.) Alan Wilson: "Boogie chillen 2" (hooker and Heat)

7.) Big Walter Horton: "Trouble in Mind"
Favorite Song Ever

-Opus 47 in Dm (Sibelius Violin Concerto)

5 Favorite animals

1.) Domesticated house cat (all breeds)

2.) Fox (red)

3.) Ferret ( european and Black footed)

4.) Skunk

5.) Moongoose

Favorite instruments (in order)

1. Violin (Classical not fiddle or jazz so much)

2.) Harmonica (when played well) (If not it's my least favorite instrument)

3.) Guitar

4.) Tenor sax

5.) Piano

Huge Harmonica influences

1.) Pat Ramsey

2.) Little Walter

3.) Paul Butterfield

4.) Adam Gussow

5.) Howard Levy

6.) Peter "Mad Cat" Ruth

Lesser known harmonica players I learned alot from:

1.) Chris Michalek

2.) Michael peloquin

3.) D.W. Gill

4.) Dave Daniels

5.) Madison Slim

Favorite intellectuals/poets/writers/Lyricists/activists

1.) Jello Biafra

2.) Ken Nordine

3.) Timothy Leary

4.) Jack Kerouac

5.) Alan Ginsberg

6.) Jim Morrison

7.) Charles Bukowski

8.) Tom Waits

9.) Bob Dylan

10.) Leonard Cohen

11.) Nina Simone

12.) T.S. Elliot

13.) Aimee Mann

14.) Lou Reed

Favorite lyrics (If you want to know me when I am real listen to these)

1.) "Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis"- Tom Waits
2.) "Suzanne" - Leonard Cohen
3.) "Between The Bars"-Elliot Smith
4.) "Ballad of Medgar Evers"- Bob Dylan
5.) "Which Way Does That Old Pony Run"-Lyle Lovett
6.) "Fighting Chance" Melissa Ferrick
7.) "Deep Song"- Billie Holiday
8.) "Burn this Guitar"-Melissa Ferrick
9.) "Aint Nobody Better"- Sterling McGhee/Mr. Satan
10.)"Echoes"-Pink Floyd
11.) "The Wind Cries Mary" Jimmy Hendrix
12.) "it Aint Neccasarilly So" -George Gershwin
13.) "All I want"-Joni Mitchell
14.) "Sympathy for the Devil"-Rolling Stones
15.) "Get Up Stand Up"-Bob Marley
16.) "Lover you should Have come Over"-Jeff Buckley

Favorite Live Performers
1.) Janis Joplin
2.) Melissa Ferrick
3.) Jimi Hendrix
4.) Jim Morrison
5.) Muddy Waters

Favorite Comedian
1.) Bill Hicks

Favorite singers
1.) Janis Joplin
2.) Big Maybelle
3.) Joni Mitchell
4.) Bjork
5.) Betty Carter
6.) Ella Fitzgerald
7.) Curtis Salgado
8.) Paul Butterfield
9.) Ronnie Baron
10.) Walter Washington
11.) Sean Costello
12.) Jeff Buckley
13.) Screaming Jay Hawkins

Favorite Cars
1.) Carmagia
2.) Old Bugs
3.) V.W. Bus
4.) V.W. Thing
5.Ford E-350 van 16 Passanger

Things I can't understand
1.) Lack of faith in a higher power
2.) math
3.) People who kill animals for fun
4.) why I keep eating animals
5.) Killing anything besides mosquitos, and roaches and other things that are out to get you or compete with you.
6.) Not wanting to know
7.) People who never ask themselves or others: "Why?"
8.) How to quit smoking

Favorite Poems
1.) "The Dance" T.S. elliot
2.) "Howl"'-Alan Ginsburg
3.) "Art": "as the / spirit / wanes / the / form / appears"- -Charles Bukowski

Favorite actors
1.) Samantha Morton
2.) Phillip Seymour Hoffman
3.) Parker Posey
4.) Sigourney Weaver
5.) Jodi Foster
6.) River Phoenix

Favorite drugs
1.) Nicotine
2.) Caffine
2.) LSD (No more)
3.) Crack Cocaine (No More)
4.) Marijuana (No more)

Reasons for Living
1.) To grow closer to God
2.) Music
3.) Brady Mills
4.) Cats
5.) Friends

Friends (855)

Santa Claws k
BlowsMeAwy Greg
Dave Fertig
Elk River
Jonathan Metts
Zack Pomerleau
Brady Mills


On Jun 30, 2009
jon sparrow Said:

oh hi.

On May 05, 2009
tom walbank Said:

Saw Brady's ad, does he do the graphics on your albums?

On May 04, 2009
Brady Mills Said:

Who is beautiful? I just know you are gonna win that BMA... and I'm glad I'm going to be there to experience it!

On May 01, 2009
tom walbank Said:

Hey Jason, Tom from Tucson here. Where can I see Pocket full of Soul?

On Apr 28, 2009
Gouwzilla Said:

what's going down in jason-town?

On Apr 25, 2009
Brown Ale Guy Said:

Got the new CD! Can't find enough words to say all the awesome things I ought to say. Reeeaaally great stuff man. Peace.

On Apr 01, 2009
Georgina Sijakovic Said:

hi ya! thanks for add.

amazing personal "musicology" , of course.

greetings from Belgrade!

On Mar 11, 2009
Filip Jers Said:

Cool music! great timing and sound. / filip

On Mar 09, 2009
Zack Pomerleau Said:

Awww man, Connecticut on a Sunday!!! None for me!

On Mar 09, 2009
Diabluz Said:

Hey Jason, good to see you here, greetings from Chile (well I'm in germany now for a little while).

Nice picture by the way, I think I took it during SPAH'08 right?

On Mar 08, 2009
Elk River Said:

You R-O-C-K!

On Mar 08, 2009
Zack Pomerleau Said:

Hey Jason, guess you didn't hear the news, someone's getting some Brad Harrison Harmonicas!

On Feb 15, 2009
arnenym Said:

Congrats to Bluest critic readers price "Best harmonica player 2008.

On Feb 13, 2009
Brad Allen Said:

Hey bro, thanks again for last night. It's always killer and inspiring seeing you guys. Can't wait for next time. We're trying to spreading the word, so hopefully you'll have a better following here in KC soon.

On Feb 07, 2009
Zack Pomerleau Said:

Dude Ferret found Jason Curran's MySpace. Might be able to get some lessons now!

On Feb 06, 2009
Fredrik Hertzberg Said:

Thanks for your contributions to YouTube! Great stuff! I am working on what you talk about in advanced bending 1 now. /Fredrik

On Jan 30, 2009
Zack Pomerleau Said:

How's it going Ferrettttt???

On Jan 28, 2009
Will Vogtman Said:

Do I hear a polyphonia in "Enlightenment?"

On Jan 26, 2009
Elk River Said:


On Jan 25, 2009
Elk River Said:

On Jan 25, 2009
Gouwzilla Said:

yoyo, it was fun chatting with you both before and after i knew who you were! peace out man, one love

On Jan 25, 2009
Thomas Hanke Said:

Hi Jason, thanks for your nice comment. I see forward to meet some time! Best wishes from Leipzig, Thomas

On Jan 25, 2009
Harp Bear Said:

Dear Jason Thank you very much for the friend request. It's great to be your friend on this wonderful site. Love and Peace Harp Bear x

On Jan 25, 2009
AirMojo (Ken H) Said:

Hi Jason! Civet Cat ? Yikes! Ken Hildebrand

On Jan 25, 2009

Hello Jason thanks for adding me. By the way pass on my congratulations to Brady for creating this great page for harmonica players and of course to you for your part in all of it which I am sure you had. You are the best jason. Your friend charlyharp.

On Jan 24, 2009
Mike L Said:

Thanks for the add...great site here.

On Jan 24, 2009
Bent Reed Said:

Hi J, Great site you have here. I enjoyed all of the personal lists. I love 3 of the solo's on harmonica too. Trouble in Mind by Big Walter, AWESOMELY Sweet! 40 Days & 40 Nights, can hardly get any better! And Silly Smile by The Great One!!! I have some great video of a classical violinists I know in Nevada that I plan to post on YouTube that I think you'll enjoy. Thanks for the add! Sincerely, Sheldon

On Jan 23, 2009
rustym Said:

Thanks, Jason for a great site! I love Nashville and I'm there 4-5 times a year. Hope I can see you perform next time I visit.

On Jan 22, 2009


On Jan 21, 2009
Brady Mills Said:

Hey Kitty Kitten, Just tirelessly working on some little things before we send out the email. I'm assuming I'll get around to it when I get home... no sweat, today is the official release date and anyone who shows up here will be able to sign up. FOXy Light ^^~

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