Jonathan Metts

Boulder, CO USA
37 years wise

Last On: 05/06/09

Jonathan Metts

About Me

I have been playing harmonica since January 2003. My original inspiration was Bob Dylan; although I rarely play in his style these days, I believe his talent and creativity on the instrument are often underestimated by other harp players. If you're interested in hearing some very interesting (even technical) Dylan harp, I'd be happy to share some recommendations!

My current playing style is blues-based, although I prefer playing in rock and funk styles whenever possible. I'm also trying to learn more about jazz in the hopes of slowly moving towards that area as well. I have a great respect for the blues and those who play it, but I am not a hardcore blues fan like most harp players seem to be. My musical tastes (in terms of what I listen to) range from jam bands to classic rock to "oldies". In recent years, I've also become more interested in jazz, funk, classic R&B, and classical music. Being from the South, I also have institutional fondness for certain eras of country music and bluegrass.

I met Jason Ricci by chance in late 2003; we were both attending a Howard Levy concert in Nashville. A couple of months later, I was browsing when I noticed Jason's name on a list of live concert recordings. Needless to say, my mind was blown when I heard this guy's playing, and I managed to catch one of his shows soon thereafter. Jason remembered me from the Levy performance and embossed one of my harmonicas during the set break. We've been friends ever since, and I have been volunteering as his personal publicist since 2006. I suck at the job and can't devote the time or effort that Jason deserves, but hopefully I've been able to help a little bit here and there. If you know of any media outlets that should be aware of Jason's music (especially anything online, like a newsletter or podcast), please let me know!


Musical: Harmonica, Singing, Piano, Guitar, Songwriting

Academic: Aerospace Engineering, Human Space Flight, Space Suits, Space Propulsion, Computer Programming

Leisure: Video Games, Film, Literature, College Football, Politics, Writing, Podcasting

Friends (31)

Michael Peloquin
Jerry Deall
Brady Mills
Chris Michalek
Civet Cat


On Jan 16, 2009
Civet Cat Said:

Jonathan Metts Rocks if your not his friend on H.S. you might kinda suck... J

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