Mark K

Holliston, MA USA
58 years wise

Last On: 12/09/10

Mark K

About Me

I stand in front of the mirror and don't recognize the middle-aged guy looking back at me. But at least he has a harp stuck in his mouth!

I am completely addicted to my harps. Have been playing for a year now. Every free moment. You know that youtube video of the guy who plays in the shower, then while feeding his baby, etc.? That could be my bio-pic. Over the past year, my family has gone through the seven stages of grief over living with a harp addict. They hardly cry, scream or rend their clothes anymore! I think I even recently caught one of them silently humming along to my version of Have A Good Time. Or maybe they were silently praying to a higher power for mercy...(so then I played Cannonball Adderly's Mercy Mercy Mercy, but I don't think they got the joke.)

I worship in the church of Adam Gussow. I love delta frosts. I lurk in harp chat rooms, mostly at MBH and Bushman, but I rarely post. Playing blues harp connects me somehow to something joyful. It's that tension and release, it's holding a bent note, every time. I hope someday to become competent on this instrument. I would love to be a musical genius of course, but that would do.


My family
Planet Earth
Learning to pat my head while I rub my tummy, so that one day I might play my harp and my guitar at the same time.

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