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Firm believer of Rule No 7.

Brian Cain fronts several Australian Blues acts, The Fleurieu Bluesbreakers, Indiana Phoenix plus acoustic solo and duo acts.


Family. Music. Motor Sport. 

Current stage gear;

Mics; Yellowbox, Jarrah and Cyprus pine Loudbarks into MKD wireless system.

Pre amps; MHB custom

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On May 11, 2009
Jimharpo Said:

OZ MAN. Great to hook up with you again . Lovin yer sound .I must try one o them wooden mic's sometime.

On Mar 18, 2009
Tim Birdman Said:

Hi , Thanks for the you tube lessons, helped me  shedloads,oh yea and also for accepting me as a friend on here, please keep those vids coming, cheers Tim 

On Feb 25, 2009
Zhin Said:

This guy plays a really mean harp with a distinct style. One of the few guys today that I can recognize in a few seconds when I hear him play.

And his vocal work is at least parellel to his playing. He can REALLY scream those high notes as if his vocal chords were a harp itself. This man has got a real GRRRRROWWL!

Deserves more exposure and credit as a musician. Oh and he's a really nice guy too! He gave me a helping hand when I needed some help on the harp before. Thank you Indiana Pheonix, you're awesome!

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