Ocala, FL USA
44 years wise

Last On: 01/09/10

Brian Purdy

About Me

I am the owner of HarpGear Amplification. I have been playing harmonica for about 5 years. I currently teach with the Jon Gindick Jam Camps. I also love playing the shakuhachi and can be found at my website: http://www.harpgear.com


Harmonica, Shakuhachi!

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Civet Cat
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On Feb 03, 2009

Im sure thats my teddy your playing harp with?

On Jan 28, 2009
snakeman runyan Said:

hey brother my harpgear amp is the cats ass ,how you doin ?why dont you come up hear and shovel some snow,its killing me!!!!

On Jan 23, 2009
jht Said:

thanks for the add Brian

On Jan 23, 2009
Kingley Said:

Hey Brian! Thanks for the add, and for making those killer amps! I'm really lovin' playing through that Double Trouble you made for me!

On Jan 16, 2009
Civet Cat Said:

Harp gears are quite simply THE BEST harp amplifiers ever built! And B-Ourr is quite simply the best human ever constructed out of pure hard tone woods..

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