Blind Bob

Medaryville , IN USA
66 years wise

Last On: 10/26/10

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I have been playing harmonica for a bunch of years. Started in '78 or 9 as something to pass the miles. (I am a truck driver) Learned simple tunes by just sounding them out one note at a time. not till 5 or 6 yrs ago did I get serious about my playing.And those that know me would say that I need to get seriouser. I aint never gonna be 'good' at it but, I have a good time. After I started to find all the resources on the web. I play mostly for my own enjoyment altho, there are a couple local bands that give me some time in the spotlight from time to time..

My wife and I raise organic veggies and strawberries for sale. That is what I hope to do when I retire in 4 yrs. Make a living growing produce..

I am an avid reader. Never very far from a book. I like American history. I have been reading William Least-Heat Moon for the last couple months. Gonna start Lewis and Clark journal when it gets here.

I am just a regular guy with all the probs and joy any one else has..


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