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Bojan Basrak

About Me

talk is cheap, take a listen before you read ;)

I don't own a camera, so no Youtube chanel from me just yet. But I have a couple of audio recordings.

1, 2, 3, 4


So, Hi!

I'm Bojan, or Boby, if you prefer, and I 've been sucking on a ten hole utensil since '06. I also play guitar for quite some time now but the harp gets most of my free time these days.

I listen to a lot of various music and haven't really took an interest in blues since a few years back. So I have a lot of catching up to do. Aside form the obvious preference for second position blues harp I like to play different styles and melodies on it, especially in 3rd position. But I'm currently a member of a simple three chord rock band that demands most of the work to be done in the second position. The music of my band (VIS Peri-Deri) is greatly inspired by the british blues band Nine Below Zero and other rock classics.

My favorite harmonica players are Jason Ricci, Adam Gussow, and the whole "modern blues harmonica" scene. I enjoy spicing up the blues with funky progressions and am very happy to discover a lot of such music going on today. And I love the smoothnes of Howard Levy (that guy is just a category for himself) and other players like Brendan Power, PT Gazell. There is a whole world of beautiful soft diatonic harp that I am yet to venture through, and I'm looking forward to the ride.

I'd like to get a "full bag of tricks" ranging from Sonny Terry and the old time harmonica, over to Chicago sound and the modern virtuosity and speed. So I have a long way to go. And I hope that meeting people and exchanging information here at HS is going to help me along the way.

Cheers to all of ya!


I'm a student (soon to be graduate, and unemplyed - wee!) of philosophy and information science. And frankly, I'm too lazy to write about all the stuff that interests me. Other than harp, of course :)

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