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mattias bogefors

About Me

I´m a swedish harp player/songwriter who play in a duo called "Bloosbrödrarna", which means "Bluesbrothers", but not in proper swedish. We write our own material mostly in local swedish dialect, but also a few songs in English, like "Drama queen". Our songs are about the ups and downs of life, but allways with some kind of twist to them. We´ve been played on both swedish and danish radio. You can check us out at or

Otherwise I play in church every now and then in my home town, trying to spread the gospel of the harp.... It´s really cool to bend and play dirty notes etc. It´s a huge contrast to the ordinary music and people enjoy it. I also have a few harp students.

I´m trying to implement the harp as a medical instrument for people with lung deseases as COPD and I have contact with our local University hospital aswell as with follow harpplayers in the Netherlands and USA. If your interested in this contact me.

My background is filled with jazz and blues thanks to my mother. I´ve tried to spread this legacy with my own children. Started to play recorder and clarinet a young kid.... Couldn´t afford a big juicy tenor saxophone.  Then studied like hell to a master degree in Chemical Eng. I just started to work when I soon was injured in car crash during a business trip. Then I got the blues, and some moore and bit moore aswell...Got a busted neck and a slipped disc in my back, divorced, sued by my exwife 2 times... Picked up a cheap Mississippi saxophone instead and started to play. Got really intrested and contacted Mr Dick Sjoeberg in Sweden (check out his custom harps and combs!!!!!!), and then got back to life again, but in another form... The harp is a very good training device both physically aswell as mentaly. If you have experience of whiplash injuries and harp, please contact me. The harp is the best training for the neck according to my physiotherapeut. Writing blues lyrics is a good and cheap form of public therapy... You got to have had it to play it!


Blues, blues and some more blues.... Sorry,  my wife aswell. She was a bit upset not to be on my interests list.

As you may notice I aslo tend to spread jokes with a low highest level.... Especially when I go to masterworks shops in Trossingen, Germany. These works shops are quite addictive...

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On Sep 06, 2009
herman Said:

You inspired me and my COPD patients group a lot in your masterclass given to us during your stay in Holland september 4th 2009. You're an excellent observer and teacher, especially concerning breathing and tone.

Thanks a lot!

On Mar 11, 2009
Filip Jers Said:

hallå ja! kul hängout det här, här finns det tid för munspelsnörderi. fräckt låt på din sida!

On Feb 22, 2009
Bent Reed Said:

Hello Mattias,

   Thanks for the friend request! I like your song here! And the harmonica ear rings are great! I started off playing a plastic recorder, then a clarinet too! Nice to meet you!

Sincerely, Bent Reed©

On Jan 25, 2009
Magnus Gullberg Said:

"I didn't wake up this morning" Only a genious can name a blues like that and the one who did it was Mattias Bogefors.How did he do it? Magnus Gullberg

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