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Southern West Virginia expatriate exiled up north in the frozen Wastelands of Parkersburg, West Virginia, a Mayflower descendent and direct descendent of 18th Century Indian Fighter and Revolutionary War Scout Adam O'Brien, who lived to the age of 109. He was at least once indicted by a Harrison County Grand Jury for excessively profane and prolific swearing.I grew up on the banks of the Elk River in West Virginia and started playing harmonica at age 5, when my dad brought home a harp for me to play while I was home sick from school.

I am a reporter for The Parkersburg News and Sentinel and owner of Elk River Harmonicas, www.elkriverharmonicas.com

I remember well the day I decided I would seriously study music. I was a teenager, had been playing harmonica for years and had just started to pick up the mandolin. I went with grandpa to a music store in Birch River, a 90-minute drive away and the store was the size of a living room.He'd not owned a mandolin for years, but he took a Gibson F5 down from the wall and I was awestruck as he played some Bill Monroe licks that were, at the time, the funkiest stuff I'd ever heard on any instrument. He said "This one will do," and the mandolin sat between us on the ride home.

I also remember several months later when I played "Nine Pound Hammer" for him. I thought I'd done something great, but when I finished, his words were "If you ain't got timing, you ain't got ...." I learned more in those few minutes with grandpa than I learned in three years of band. After that, I was absolutely paranoid about time enough that I developed a good sense of time.

Playing with my cousin, Roger Adkins as The Deadliners duo:


Awards and Honors:
West Virginia Press Association Award, Best Lifestyle Columnist, 2008.
West Virginia Press Association Award, Best Investigative Journalism, 2004.
Student Leadership Award for the Alderson-Broaddus College newspaper, 1995, 1996, 1997.
Golden Horseshoe, West Virginia History award, 1990. Woodsmen of America Award for “outstanding proficiency in American history,” 1993.United Mine Workers scholarship award, 1994-1998.
College Club Award for best paper by an Alderson-Broaddus College student, 1995.


But of course, none of that compares with my grandpa...

My grandpa, Cecil Payne's presidential unit citation:
The odd part about this is grandpa knew in 1953 that his unit, company A, 5th RCT, had been put in for a presidential citation, but nobody bothered to tell him that Eisenhower had actually awarded it. He was mad about it for years. I found a copy of it and sent it to him and apologized on behalf of the late President Eisenhower for the late notification. A company, by the way, is a small unit of about 125 men.

By direction of the President, under the provisions of Executive Order 9396 (Sec I, WD Bul 11,1942) superseding Executive Order 9075(Sec III, WD Bul 11,1942), and pursuant to authority in AR 220-315, the following units are cited as public evidence of deserved honor and distinction.COMPANY A, 5TH INFANTRY REGIMENT, 5TH REGIMENTAL COMBAT TEAM distinguished themselves by extraordinary heroism in performance of exceptionally difficult tasks in the vicinity of Songnae-Dong, Korea. On the morning of 12 June 1953, these units relieved other United Nations forces defending a vital outpost and successfully withstood five separate attacks by overwhelming enemy forces during the next twenty-four hours. After earlier mass attacks had been halted by combined defensive fires, the hostile element attacked under a tremendous artillery and mortar barrage during the evening and gained a foothold on the right flank of the position. Refusing to withdraw, the United Nations units closed in hand-to-hand combat and destroyed the enemy forces. After an artillery barrage, waves of enemy troops assaulted both the right and the left flanks of the outpost but were again annihilated. In a final effort another onslaught of hostile forces charged against both the front and the flanks of the United Nations forces and again succeeded in entering the trenches. The courageous defenders launched a series of counterattacks, routed the enemy and restored the position. The complete devotion to duty and outstanding courage exhibited by the members of COMPANY A and the attached units in hand-to-hand combat were instrumental in the successful defense of the key position. The magnificent fighting sprit of these organizations reflects great credit on themselves and the military service.

Major General, General Staff
Chief of Staff
/s/ R. G. Platt
/t/ R. G. Platt
LtCol, AGC
Asst AG
Orders corrected November 29, 2002, by Department of the Army Military Awards Branch per letter from Lt. Col.
Robert L. White, Chief, Military Awards Branch. A future Department of the Army General Order will amend General Orders Number 1 of January 7, 1954 to reflect the above.

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On Jun 03, 2009
Richard Gjems Said:

 Sho' nuff like that old timey feel of the Cecil Payne Boogie.
Good stuff!

On Feb 11, 2009
arnenym Said:

Fishing and harpin'.. Can life be better?

On Feb 05, 2009
Brady Mills Said:

You Rock, Dave P! I'm digging that new ad of yours... you must have one of the best designers in the whole wide world.

On Jan 26, 2009
Kingley Said:

Thank you for the add Mr Payne. I'm worn out after reading that bio. :-)

On Jan 20, 2009
Duane C. Said:

Wow!!! That's a heck of an interesting bio!

On Jan 12, 2009
Zack Pomerleau Said:

Wow you gotta lot of history man! Cool stuff!

On Jan 06, 2009
Civet Cat Said:

Dave You rock! Thanks for everything! your the best!

On Jan 05, 2009
Brady Mills Said:

Love the Cecil Payne Boogie...

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