lindsey mercer

tampa, FL USA
45 years wise

Last On: 09/28/10

lindsey mercer

About Me

Hello All,

I currently play harmonica for a progressive rockabilly band called the Dive Bar Stalkers (myspace/divebarstalkers).

I've been playing for some time and have a deep passion for modern blue harmonica, although I am now starting to really do my homework and study the roots.

Recently I have really been getting into customization. At this point I am just doing the core basics - gapping, reed flattening (and curling), comb sanding & sealing, and a little embossing but this needs some improvement. I just ordered a bunch of tools from micro mark to take the next step and start drilling and such. All in all I am primarily a marine band guy but if you hear my stuff you would not know it - I am anything but a traditional player.

I am from Memphis originally and had the opportunity to study under Billy Gibson every summer while in college (started playing when I was 20). I have played with a number of bands through the years and have been lucky to really work with some incredible people.


The only thing I enjoy doing as much as playing is teaching harmonica. Additionally, I have a deep passion for education (especially e-learning) and am currently working on and instructional DVD for harmonica, scheduled to be finished within a few months. It's a method of instruction that definitely breaks traditional conventions and targets some of the core flaws with the typical format of music lessons. Yea I know, sounds a bit weird, but believe me, after going to graduate school for all this stuff you tend to think outside the box and see things in more of a "big picture" / problem based approach. Anyway, I will update this as things advance.

Other interest include:
- Piano
- Singing
- Going to the beach and surfing (under the right conditions)
- Snowboarding
- and of course going out with friends to see music and share good times

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On Mar 20, 2009
Elk River Said:



You Rock.

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