Brutus Maximus

Columbia, MO USA
58 years wise

Last On: 10/21/12

Brutus Maximus

About Me

My grandfather taught me to play when I was just four or five years old. Of course, he played an old-time "oom-pah" style with lots of tongue chording--certainly no blues.

I decided to focus on improving my skills when I was in my early 20s. I've spent the ensuing years experimenting and practicing, and I've gotten to where I'm pretty confident playing with anyone. I've had the fortune to play with some extraordinarily gifted musicians over the years. My favorite gig is being in the host band for a long-running series of blues jams in mid-MO. We're halfway between St. Louis and Kansas City, so we often have musicians from both cities come to sit in. There's no better way to develop as a player than to accompany a different band every few songs. It forces you to be resourceful, respectful, and responsive.

I wish I had more time to devote to playing, but as a single dad I'm committed to raising my daughter above everything else. She's learning to love good music--especially zydeco and punkabilly!

My three top harp heros are Alan Wilson, James Harman, and Pat Ramsey. Other favorites include Billy Gibson, Jason Ricci, Col. J.D. Wilkes, Mark Sallings, Studebaker John, Paul deLay, Paul Butterfield, Mark Wenner, and William Clarke. I like listening to all kinds of players, but I tire quickly of by-the-book LW clones and players who noodle without a sense of soul.

Useless bit of trivia: I named Jason and Brady's bird, Ramsey.

Check out my MySpace page.


Old stuff. My kid. Electronic prepress stuff. Motorcycles. Dogs, cats, fish, and birds.

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On Mar 10, 2009
Bluesie Said:

Hey Brutus, did not know you were such an experienced player. We have one thing in common, I am a true devoted James Harman's fan. I live Steve Guyger a lot too and my friend Bharath Rakajumar, from Montréal, a great Little Walter freak. They are my three top players. But, I love so many more players. Even a guy on HarmonicaJam whose surname is Blues In Green: very good and creative player. An unknown blues inspiration for me. Anyway, just wanted you to share my thoughts!

On Jan 22, 2009
Kingley Said:

Hey Brutus, Thanks for the add. This looks like it could be an interesting site.

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