Mark H

New Bern, NC USA
66 years wise

Last On: 03/03/13

Mark H

About Me

I'm just an aging blues harp fiend who is enthralled with the craft of the old dead masters but also appreciates the incredible skills of the very much alive young pioneers. My dream is to become a respectable jammer before I lose all of my hearing (and my hair and teeth, all my money, all my love and everything). 

But I have no hope of ever being as cool as Sonny Boy in one of my favorite You Tube Videos . How cool can one guy be? Even with very little hair and very few teeth, watch how smoothly he corrects his initial upside-down placement of the harp and makes it look like a killer move. ("Yeah....")


Besides family, friends, social justice, medicine, and an odd longing to sail, 90% blues harp, 2% other harmonication, 5% big band jazz, although the proportions frequently change.

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