Vancouver, BC CAN
64 years wise

Last On: 03/18/14

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Brian Sentance

About Me

Brian Sentance
West Coast Canuck, Vancouver BC

Current Rig:
Sonny Jr Cruncher -WOW! It's all they say and more

Electro M8-E - 1960 Rickenbacker student amp, Weber AlNiCo 8" Signature speaker, 12AU7 tube swap. Brown alligator tolex suitcase style. Similar circuit/tubes to Fender Champ. (see photos) I chain it to the Cruncher, Sweet!

Harp Commander Model 1

Line 6 Echo Park on slap echo tape delay

BBE Sonic Maximizer

JT30 MC-127 element from Brian Purdy at Harp Gear, in-line volume control from Greg at blowsmeaway

AKAI DM-13 60's stick mic "Prince of Darkness" from rharley

Vintage tweed 1/4" to 5/8th" Harp cable from Chuck at Fat Bottom Harp Mics

1/4" to 5/8ths Harp cable from greg at blowsmeaway

Special 20's with turbo-lids (rockin')
CX-12 Brendan Power custom, Suzuki plates, blues tuned (wow!)
Brad Harrison custom MB in A (double wow!!)

B-rad (Bb) very responsive solid well setup harp

Buddha harp (D) .....I am in awe. All that shit they say about top custom harps? It's true.


Vintage mouse-ears Marine Band in C - late 20's or early 30's by the box


Cookin', canoein',cyclin' and codein'.

(Sounds better than:
          "I do all the cooking,
           I'm up the creek without a paddle,
           on your bike mate,
           and I'm a programming wage slave!" :)

Oh...and I guess I go a bit overboard on the Halloween costumes (see vid).

And Guinness. Lots of Guinness.


Friends (34)

Cooper Sorenson
Blind Bob
Ana Radzic
Chris Sentance
SUKM // Rharley
Brady Mills


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