Abby Vernay

Seattle, WA USA
11 years wise

Last On: 11/06/09

Abby Vernay

About Me

Names Nermal, its a nickname. 15 years of age.

Im a beginner in playing the Harmonica and got a Lee Oskar in the key of C, 2 weeks ago.(and ive been acting like ive won the lottery ever since) also learning piano, and guitar at the same time, self teaching. yes, congradulate the over achiever. Music is a love, i like to mix up and expirement with the music types i listen to, i like to learn about the history of the genre too.(along with civilizations and mythology but that besides the point).

Jasonricci is my inspiration and has impacted me greatly, i fell head over heels this kind of music.  someday i wanna be as good as he but im not one to limit myself to how far i can go.  

Lately listen to Pual Butterfield, Little Walter, Pat Ramsey, Adam Gussow, George Harmonica Smith, James Cotton, Sonny Terry,Big Walter Horton, and jasonricci.




If anyone wants to go all teacher like on me, i dont mind lol, id really appriciate the help :] hints, tips, practice routines, how to. that whole shebang. music suggestions too anyone? im no prick i like having convos with anyone about anything. i got me some pocket full of soul...


Music,piano,guitar,harmonica,film making,scriptwriting,youth group,god,people,camping,chillin,friends,life

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Bent Reed


On Jun 04, 2009
Bent Reed Said:

Hello Abby!

   Thank you for the friend request! Congratulations on getting your first new harmonica! It's a wonderful instrument that can take you farther than you ever dreamed! It's changed my life, and many other lives too. Keep listening to other great harmonica players and practice, practice, practice! You'll just get better, better, and better!

Keep in touch, Sincerely,

Bent Reed

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