Richard Gjems

Moss, NOR
43 years wise

Last On: 06/12/10

Richard Gjems

About Me

I'm a Norwegain  harmonica player specializing in acoustic blues, folk music and jazz. I've been a prolific musician on the Norwegian blues scene since the late 1990s, and played on numerous records in different genres and contributed to many movie soundtracks. 

I've also shared stage or recorded with artists such as Carlos del Junco, Mark Hummel, Mitch Kashmar, Rusty Zinn, Bill Sims, Taildragger, Big Bill Morganfield, Big Joe Louis, Kid Ramos, Kid Andersen, Gary Smith, Nick Curran and Gary Primich (RIP).

As a harmonica player, I'm is known for my blend of prewar blues tonality and textures with contemporary diatonic techniques as well as for my flexible use of the chromatic harmonica.

I have just released an all instrumental project - Songs From A Forest - with monster piano player Doc Bekken released  on

Check out my music on


Litterature, backgammon, single malt, jogging.

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On May 30, 2009
Madcat Said:

Blue Greens N' Beans sounds great.


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