Abe Thomas

Bangalore, IND
61 years wise

Last On: 02/01/10

Abe Thomas

About Me

My name is Abe Thomas.  When I was 11 years old, during a cruise trip from the United States to Japan, my parents got me a Yamaha tremolo harmonica.   I fell in love with it and started playing it almost immediately and could play most popular folk songs easily.    It was when I was around 17 and joined college that I came across a player playing the blues on single hole diatonics, and I was blown away by the tones he got on that harmonica.   After the concert, I went up to him and wanted to know how he could play like that.  He turned me on to the art of single note playing and told me that if I can get that right, one day I will discover bending the note!..   That was all the lesson I've really had.   Since then I've loved to play the single Hole Diatonic Harmonica in cross harp style.  

I am not a professional, I play for recreational purpose, mostly for myself. :-)

I am currently setting up a musical instrument import/distribution business in India.

I love the theme of this group to "UNIFY" the harmonica players.   For the last three years, I have been focusing on creating a users group in India trying to Unify the various players of Harmonicas (aka Mouth Organ in India).  Info on this group at: 


I would love to meet up with other Harmonica players (whatever type of harmonicas you play) to increase the awareness and beauty of these instruments. 

My dream is to bring Jason Ricci to India for a kick ass performance that will show everyone what a little diatonic harmonica can do!! :-)

For those who would like contact me, you can reach me at: abe (at) thomasmusic (dot) com

Thanks and keep on harpin'





Music, Paragliding

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