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Harmonica mic build help please!!

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Tom L
Aug 17, 2018 6:09 PM GMT

Hi everyone,

I’m setting out to make up my first real microphone.

I’m using a SA-18 dymanic module

(Data sheet here)

100-10,000 Hz
2.5 mV/Pa
200 Ohms

I hooked this up to some test leads going straight into an amp and the quality is ok...only down to 100hz but still fine. The level is low however. I had a transformer laying around from a SUPER cheap mic and hooked that up and WHAM....very usable levels indeed.

There are no markings on the transformer whatsoever and I’ll like to reproduce the results in future. I do not have a real understanding of impedance, resistance etc etc...the basic concept and maths have always evaded me, I really am hopeless. Honest. Total mathematical and conceptual “blind spot” here.

Can anyone help by giving an idea of the type of transformer/s I might get hold of to make use of the SA-18 element so I get more reasonable levels for going into an amp and or pedal board? I don’t have a CLUE what I should be looking for in terms of names let alone specs or how those might be presented. I assume it is a small “audio transformer” that I should be looking at? See, told you...clueless!

This is my current set up..


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