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Bad experience with Bushman

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David K
May 28, 2017 3:37 AM GMT

Not sure where this should go, but I figure General Discussion is a good place to start. I joined this site primarily to post this, and plan to join as many harp-related message boards as possible.

So people always say "Buy American", which is usually pretty hard to do. But I find out that Bushman Harmonicas is located in Indianapolis, and assembles then sells harps that are supposed to be pretty decent instruments. I was in the market, so of course I figured I'd give them a try.

I bought a normal D diatonic from a third party online seller (that is, not from the Bushman site directly, but from another online store). Harp comes and within a few days I notice some high register notes are not sounding at all, and a few small rectangular pieces of metal have dropped out of the harp. I take the covers off, and see that three reeds (supposed to be made from phosphor bronze) are defective . . . they are only about 1/2 the length they should be. As far as I can tell, the metal flakes that came out are the missing ends of the three reeds, which somehow broke off or were otherwise damaged when assembled.

Of course the seller says "contact the manufacturer", so I go to Bushman's site and all they list is a phone number. So I call them and leave a message. Nothing. So I call them back a few days later and actually get a person. I explain the problem, and they say "text us your address and we'll replace the harp". Fine. I wait a few weeks, nothing. I text them back "what's up?" and they say "oops, sorry... forgot... we'll get that out to you today". I offered to return the defective harp, but they say "no need". So I wait a few weeks. Nothing. Text them back, asking for status. Nothing. Text them again, wait... nothing.

So I've given up, sent them a final nasty text thanking them for their poor customer service, and now I'll buy a decent harp from Suzuki or Seydel.

Stay away from Bushman, once they have your money they forget about you entirely.

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